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 Concept of Cosmic Info Link

Management Concept


Company name Cosmic Info Link co.,ltd.
Established 1999 November
Business domain The plan of a shoes, pumps, sandals, boots, bag and leather accessories, import, wholesale.
OEM (original  equipment manufacture)
Deployment  Brand ・C.I.L.

Tel 03-5358-6980/6981
Fax 03-3320-9621
e-mail sales@cosmicinfolink.com                   → map

Address Tsunashima Dai-3 Bldg-6F
2-4-9 Yayoicho, Nakano-Ku  Tokyo - 164-0013, Japan
Representative Mohd. Shaheen Ahamed
Factory Bangladesh factory (A captive factory will be founded in 2002. )
Cosmic Info Link Co., Ltd(日本)、Factory(Dhaka) Cosmic Jute & Leather Industry Original C.I.L、Original Diu、OEM
Cosmic Info Link -- "dream -- together-- a form -- " -- philanthropy activities are tackled aiming at being a company which is useful to a costomer and society through the basis of a management concept, and leather goods.
As part of that, contribution to WE21 Japan which is supporting centering on Asia in the people case is performed.
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